Quilt Appraisals

Quilt appraisals by Kimberly Iaquinta

American Quilt Society-certified quilt and textiles appraiser, Kimberly Iaquinta, is available to appraise new, vintage, antique, and art quilts, as well as textiles and wearable art. Ms. Iaquinta is a member of the Professional Association of Appraisers—Quilted Textiles. Appraisals are $50. Schedule an appraisal by clicking the button below or by emailing Terri Tomoff at ttomoff@gmail.com, or at the admission desk at the show. Admission to the show is required.

****PLEASE NOTE: Prior to your appraisal at our show, please download and fill out the appropriate appraisal forms below for your quilt and bring the completed forms along with payment to your appointment. Don’t forget to bring your quilt!