Southern Comforters Quilt Guild of Bowie, Maryland

Sewing Bees

When & Where & What

In addition to our twice a month meetngs, some of our members gather on a regular basis to ensure time is set aside for sewing. Some meet weekly, some monthly, some during the day, some on the alternating Wednesday evening from our meetings. Some sew on group projects, some on community projects, and still others simply enjoy the companionship of fellow sewers as they complete their own projects.

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The Grateful Threads

The Grateful Threads was formed when several people went out for dinner at the February 2006 Southern Comforters retreat. Chris Mountanus, Debi Bacon, Pat Scully, Loretto Carney and Theresa Bearer went out for fish and drinks and started lamenting how they couldn't get into any of the existing bees. Loretto belongs to a bee in which she is very active and loves, but the rest of us forced her to become a "dual member" and help us get started.

After the second (ok, maybe third) drink, they decided to start their own. They talked about the other guild members they knew that had expressed some sort of interest in a bee and promptly invited Carol Holzer, Charlotte Kieliszek, Tara Schneider, Tamah Sminkey and Leslie Sumner. Not knowing what they were getting themselves into, all accepted. After a meeting or two, we also invited Holly Novak and Margaret Beard. Later we renamed ourselves (from the Secret Bee) and dubbed ourselves the Thread Heads.

In less than a year we've all become great friends, meeting twice a month for sewing (sometimes cross stitch and knitting), eating and (as Margaret's husband says ) stitching and bitching. So far we have taken a bus trip to the Lancaster Quilt Show, organized and took a Stack-N-Whack class together (wonderfully taught by Marie Beall), had dinner out, gone to a quilt bingo and gone to a retreat in Ocean City. We each make a block for each other during her birthday month and are exchanging Christmas gifts suitable for quilters!

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TBD hasn't really found its name, yet. The seven SoCo quilters who formed the bee in 2007 liked several dozen suggestions but couldn't agree on one that really captured who they were. Amy Morusiewicz, Elfrieda Harris, Linda Boone, Karen Todd, Kathy Leavitt, Cappy Phillips, and Evelyn Kirby decided to form a bee after hearing the 25th Anniversary Dinner Program created by Debi Bacon. The rich history of fun and friends heard in the stories that night and that they found from the guild was highlighted as extended by friendships deepened through a sewing bee. Two more quilters, Shelly Jackson and Rosa Walls, were later invited to join, as well. So TBD may be "to be determined"

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Katz's Bee

Katz's Bee is the newest bee in the guild. It is always open to new members. It meets regularly at the Crofton library. See the program schedule for meeting times. Bring a machine, bring cutting, bring handwork - whatever you want to do. Plan to be self-sufficient (e.g., if you need an iron, you'll need to bring it). This bee is a great place for new members and old members to chat with people they may not see regularly.

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