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2016 Quilt Show Winners

2016 Quilt Show Winners 1200 1200 Susie

Member’s Choice

W. Allen

Cesti Di Fiori

Viewer’s Choice

  1. M. Nielsen My Enchanted Garden
  2. W. Allen Riverside Village
  3. J. Graves Dancing for Joy
  1. M. Hill Goodnight Moon
  2. M. Cole Fleeting Beauty
  3. J. Graves Butterfly Flying Free
  1. J. McCabe Tine 9s
  2. T. Tomoff Dot Com
  3. J. McKinley Anniversary Quilt 2004
Large Pieced 1-Person
  1. P. Scully Study in Black and White
  2. F. Marion “Sew What” Raffle Basket Quilt
  3. P. Scully Norma’s Jealous of My Blues
Large Pieced 2-Person
  1. L. Sumner Labyrinth Walk
  2. E. Harris Starry Night
  3. J. Keane Red and White
Large Mixed
  1. T. Tomoff She’s A Champion!
  2. P. Rader Strawberry Girl (2015 Challenge Quilt)
  3. J. E. Dwyer Lunacy
  1. S. Stevenson Beachy Bag
  2. M. Cole Futurama Stockings
  3. P. Rader Hand Painted Bird Portfolio
Medium Large 1-Person
  1. W. Allen Start Wars – May the Fourth (Inch Seam) Be With You
  2. P. Scully Whirled News
  3. S. Williams An Auspicious Date
Medium Pieced 1-Person
  1. S. Stevenson Christmas Wishes
  2. J. Freitag Tree of Life
  3. J. Freitag Life’s Many Paths!
Medium Pieced 2-Person
  1. J. Keane Pink and Pretty
  2. E. Timmons Lucy’s Dreams
  3. P. Budesheim Alaskan Memories I
Small Mixed
  1. R. Walls Butterflies & Sashiko
  2. P. Cable Interactive Storybook
  3. F. Marion Pocket Wall Hanging
Small Pieced
  1. J. Graves Serene Outlook On Life
  2. P. Scully Secret Garden Quillow
  3. J. Graves Spinning Stars
Exra-Large Pieced
  1. W. Allen Cesti di Fiori
  2. J. Maassel My Checkered Past
  3. K. Todd Giant Hexagon

Vendor’s Choice

At My Own Pace Creations
P. Joy
Rings for Lara

D&JD’s Enterprises
E. Kirby
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Capital Sew and Vac
J. McKinley
Scott’s Retirement Quilt

Charlotte’s Cottage
J. Maassel
My Checkered Past

Cloth Peddler
P. Scully
Whirled News

Cute Monkey Fabrics
W. Allen
Stars Wars – May the Fourth (Inch Seam) Be With You

Erin Underwood Quilts
R. Walls
Butterflies & Sashiko

J. Graves
Dancing for Joy

Hoppin Bobbin
M. Nielsen
My Enchanted Garden

Samuel Ogle Jr. Honor Society
K. Todd
Giant Hexagon

Lavender Lane Farm
P. Scully
Secret Garden Quillow

Mad Mud
F. Marion
“Sew What” Raffle Basket Quilt

Monarch Scents
C. Casto
The Mitchells

Phyllis Twigg Hatcher
P. Scully
Study in Black and White

Prints Charming Quilt Shop
J. Graves
Dancing for Joy

Quilting Affection
S. Stevenson
Christmas Wishes

Redfern Enterprises
W. Allen
Cesti Di Fiori

Say It With Applique
E. Timmons
Lucy’s Dream

SES Art and Design
P. Scully
Raspberry Fudge Factor

Spring Water Designs
P. Rader
Waltzing Stars

Superb Sharpening
L. Sumner
Labyrinth Walk

Tempting Ewe Yarns
M. Cole
Fleeting Beauty

Undiscovered Treasures
W. Allen Cesti
Di Fiori

Wilson’s Calico
J. Freitag
Tree of Life