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Are you thinking about joining a guild or have questions? By all means, attend one of our meetings, chat with members and learn about Southern Comforters. You may also e-mail us, we will be glad to hear from you.

Mailing Address: PO Box 847, Bowie, MD 20718-0847

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Southern Comforters meetings begin business at 7:30 pm on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month. Meetings are held at the Christian Community Presbyterian Church at 3120 Belair Drive in Bowie, Maryland. (see a map) Doors open at 6:30 for those who wish to socialize prior to the meeting.

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Membership Application

Memberships are accepted at anytime during the year. As part of your membership you are able to participate in special programs, receipt of the monthly newsletter, have access to our extensive library of quilt books, and much more. Join us for a great experience!! Membership is $30 per year.

To access an application, you'll need the Adobe reader, which can be downloaded for free. Membership applications can also be picked up at a guild meeting.

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Current Officers

The slate of officers are elected each summer. The current officers include:
President Peggy Alexander
Vice President Elfrieda Harris
Secretary Cappy Phillips
Treasurer Loretto Cartney

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Southern Comforters has several committees which help to keep the guild active and exciting. Becoming a member in a committee is strictly voluntary.   
Board of Directors
Carolyn Martel
Evelyn Kirby
Pat Scully
2018 Quilt Show Chair Misty Cole
2018 Quilt Show Co-Chair TBA
2018 Raffle Quilt Wendy Allen, Janet McCabe, Susie Stevenson and Terri Tomoff
Raffle Quilt Travel Agent Anna-Marie Williams
Raffle Quilt Ticket Sales TBA
Membership Anna-Marie Williams
Anniversary Quilt Jan Steiner
Quilt Bingo Loretto Cartney & Susie Stevenson
Challenge Quilt Terri Tomoff
Charity Margaret Herman
Community Quilts Flo Marion & Diane Keull
Hospitality Karen Todd
Librarian Joanne Parrish
Newsletter Mary Kay Kerr
Programs Michelle Trachtman
Retreat-Fall. Pat Scully Retreat-Spring. Karen Todd & Janet McCabe
Website Rosa Walls
Yahoo Groups Anna-Marie Williams

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We are incorporated as a non-profit organization and are governed by a set of By-Laws. A committee is appointed and convenes once a year to review them.
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Brief History

On May 12, 1982, a meeting was held at The Stitchery in Bowie, Maryland. Ten ladies were in attendance with Cheryl Lowe chairing the meeting. Four names were suggested and voted on for the Chapter: Southern Comforters, Bowie Bee, Bowie Quilters, and Bowie Cover-ups. The first three in priority order were submitted to NQA headquarters for approval.

In order to get the chapter started financially and support any initial projects, it was decided by all that dues should be collected at each meeting. Dues of $1.00 per meeting was charged, but all agreed that this amount may be adjusted according to needs anytime in the future.

Following the close of official business, each lady present introduced herself. After everyone had an opportunity to speak, it was agreed that as a further means to get acquainted with each other the group would hold a *Show and Tell.*

Some Interesting Firsts:
1987 - First Friendship Quilt
1988 - First Quilt Show - Belair Mansion - June 12th
1988 - First Quilt Club Pins (design by Rolinda Collinson)
1988 - Community Quilts Projects (started by Jean Reger)
1993 - First two day quilt show - location: Bowie City Hall
1994 - First "Solo" Quilt Show for Southern Comforters
1996 - First Southern Comforters Retreat
1997 - First *Kids Corner* at the Quilt Show
1998 - First show held at C.E.Rieg Special Center
1999 - Southern Comforters goes on-line
2006 - Newsletter available in color via email
2006 - Yahoo Groups site launched
2007 - First Quilt Bingo hosted
2010 - Out of the Attic
2015 - Wikispace established

Guild Presidents 2014 - 1982:
1982-83 Cheryl Lowe 1983-84 Barbara Dolney 1984-85 Jean Reger 1985-86 Grace Galetsky
1987-88 Carol Conrad 1988-89 Carol Hobbs 1989-91 Helen Johnston 1991-92 Rolinda Collinson
1992-93 Beth Esmont 1993-95 Bonnie Maneer 1995-97 Barbara Bletch 1997-98 Janet Freitag
1998-99 Cathy Brown 1999-01 Irene Gambino 2001-03 Jean Reger 2003-05 Carol Z. Berg
2005-07 Carolyn Martel 2007-08 Evelyn Kirby 2008-16 Pat Scully Current - Peggy Alexander
Southern Comforters Quilt Guild has grown from ten women in 1982 to over 100 members!

Quilt Show Featured Quilters

2017 - Jean Dwyer
2016 - Trish Rader
2015 - Mary Nielsen
2014 - Pat Scully
2013 - Misty Cole
2012 - Terri Tomoff
2011 - Charlotte Kieliszek
2010 - Barbara Dahlberg
2009 - Karen Sim
2008 - Pam Budesheim
2007 - Susie Stevenson
2006 - Margy Hill
2005 - Susan Dicks
2004 - Bette Mock
2003 - Marion Wise
2002 - Florence Marion
2001 - Eileen Schamel
2000 - Jean Reger
1999 - Renee Hunt
1998 - Father Raymond Prybis (Quilt Show Theme: Quilts for Men)
1997 - Helen Johnston
1996 - Bonnie Maneer
1995 - Ribbon Winners: Challenge, Sotterly Plantation Best in Show, Maryland State Fair, Prince Georges County Fair, Annapolis Quilt Guild Viewers Choice, Londontown Needlework Show, Champlain Valley (Vermont) Quilters Annual Show
1994 - Joan Blalock
1993 - Mary Lancaster

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