Southern Comforters Quilt Guild of Bowie, Maryland

Congratulations to All the Winners!!!  

Vendors Choice

Aurora Quilts Double Happiness, Leslie Sumner
Blessing House Press The Christmas Trees, Pamela Budesheim
The Cloth Peddler Daisy, Sue Stevenson
Creative Purseonalities Dream Catcher, Leslie Sumner
The Fabric Peddler Star Fantasy, Marion Wise
Phyllis Twig Hatcher Recalculating, Mary Nielsen
Material Girls Island Sunrise, Charlotte Kieliszek
Undiscovered Treasurers Strips that Twizzle, Pat Scully

Raffle Baskets

Candle Sweeties Margaret Beard
Gyleen Fitzgerald's Pineapple Janet McCabe
Six Flags America Phyllis Ziegler
Blessing House Press Wendy Allen
Chocolate, Chocolate Ryan Tomoff
Spa Day Barbara Brown

Raffle Quilt


We are excited to have our guests vote on their favorite quilt(s). Each guest is given a ballot which they can vote for their favorite in ten different categories. Ribbons are awarded to the top three in each of these categories. Members vote on their favorite quilt, and a ribbon is awarded the "Members Choice"

Kudos to Photographer, Terri Tomoff for the wonderful pictures, and the great people who made this show possible.

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Members Choice

Nine-Eleven Album Quilt "Nine-Eleven Album Quilt"
Evelyn Kirby

Large Pieced, One Person

Daisy 1st Place

Susie Stevenson
For a Beige Background 2nd Place

"For a Beige Background"
Patricia Rader
Star Fantasy 3rd Place

"Star Fantasy"
Marion Wise

Large Applique

Nine-Eleven Album Quilt 1st Place
"Nine-Eleven Album Quilt"
Evelyn Kirby
Orange Lotus 2nd Place
"Orange Lotus"
Misty Cole
Meadow Breeze Retreat 3rd Place
"Meadow Breeze Retreat"
Misty Cole

Large Pieced, Two People

Dream Catcher 1st Place
"Dream Catcher"
Leslie Sumner, quilted by Julia Graves
Roll, Roll Cotton Bowl 2nd Place
"Roll, Roll Cotton Bowl w/a Cherry on Top"
Sheila Walker, quilted by Mary Nielsen
Cat Watch 2nd Place

"Cat Watch"
Shelley Jackson, quilted by Tomorrow's Treasures
Bento Box 3rd Place
"Bento Box"
Pamela Budesheim, quilted by Mary Nielsen

Medium Pieced

Smith Mountain Morning in Blue 1st Place
"Smith Mountain Morning in Blue, Green & Yellow"
Julia Graves
Stars for Monica 2nd Place
"Stars for Monica"
Wendy Allen
Koi Pond 3rd Place
"Koi Pond"
Margy Hill

Small Pieced, One Person

Belle of New York 1st Place
"Belle of New York"
Pat Scully
Laura's Iris 2nd Place
"Laura's Iris"
Carol Zaremba Berg
Stars That Made Me Happy 3rd Place
"Stars That Made Me Happy"
Marion Wise

Small Pieced, Two People

Island Sunrise 1st Place

"Island Sunrise"
Charlotte Kieliszek, quilted by Carole Diehl
Diamond Joy 2nd Place

"Diamond Joy"
Elfrieda Harris, quilted by Tomorrow's Treasures
Angels of 2012 3rd Place

"Angels of 2012"
Leslie Sumner, quilted by Julia Graves

Small Applique

Autumn Ikebana 1st Place
"Autumn Ikebana"
Barbara Dahlberg
Origami Flowers 2nd Place
"Origami Flowers"
Pamela Budesheim
Autumn Splendor 3rd Place
"Autumn Splendor"
Judith Keane

Art Quilts

Recalculating 1st Place
Mary Nielsen
Refuge 2nd Place
Barbara Dahlberg
Sea Turtle and Two Tang 3rd Place
"Sea Turtle and Two Tang"
Pamela Budesheim
Maroon Bells 3rd Place
"Maroon Bells"
Julia Graves


Community 1st Place
Karen Todd
Burgoyne Surrounded 2nd Place
"Burgoyne Surrounded"
Elfrieda Harris
Sparkling Snowflakes 3rd Place
"Sparkling Snowflakes"
Jean Dwyer


Fiesta! Fiesta! Fiesta! 1st Place
"Fiesta! Fiesta! Fiesta! (Purse)"
Evelyn Kirby
Santa's Helpers 2nd Place
"Santa's Helpers"
Judith Keane
Crazy Greyhound Vest 3rd Place
"Crazy Greyhound Vest"
Karen Marion

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